Elite Expert
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Principal Consultant
Ivan Zatkovich Ivan Zatkovich
Technologies: Telephony/Networking, Internet/eCommerce, Software Design
Industries: Telecommunications, Insurance/Financial, Publishing

Elite Expert
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Technical Consultants
Les Baxter Les Baxter
Technologies: Local Area Networks, Structured Cabling Systems, Optical Fiber Networks
Telecommunications , Electrical Engineering , Internet
William Cross Dr. William Cross
Technologies: Software Development and Deployment, System Architecture, Smart Grid
Industries: Electric Utilities, Government, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare

Elite Expert
Heather Diaz Heather Diaz
Technologies: Telecommunications/Wireless/Cellular, Business Intelligence, eCommerce
Industries: Telecommunications, Financial, Health Insurance

Elite Expert
Gary FlowersGary Flowers
Technologies: Internet/eCommerce, Software Architecture & Design, Customer Relationship Management
Industries: Publishing, Education, Technology
Todd Hillhouse Federico Giovannetti
Technologies: eCommerce, Wireless/SMS/MMS, IP Networks
Industries: Telecommunications, R&D Labs, Hardware Manufacturing
Peter Kent Peter Kent
Technologies: Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Website Development
Industries: Internet Merchandizing, Online Marketing, Publishing
David Klausner David Klausner
Technologies: Social Network Software, Database, Software Analysis
Industries: Internet Applications, Data Management and Cloud Computing, Software Development

Robin Pokoj Robin Pokoj
Technologies:Internet/eCommerce, eEducation, Call Center & Customer Care
Industries:Telecommunications, Retail/Manufacturing, Heathcare
Steve Smoot Steve Smoot
Technologies: Secure Communications, Product Design, Software Project Management, Enterprise Architecture
Industries: Telecommunications, Financial Services, Energy

Elite Expert
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Tom Tinsley Tom Tinsley
Technologies: Software Development and Deployment, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Infrastructure
Industries: Banking, State Government, Retail, Media
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Financial Consultants
Marc Reid Marc Reid
Technologies: Corporate Accounting, CPA, Financial Best Practices
Industries: Healthcare, Utilities, Government