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"Ms. Lee has provided us a broader perspective to systems integration through her experience with many other utility clients and exposure to multiple vendor solutions."

Roberta DiNicola
United Illuminating

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The Consulting Services division at eComp Consultants partners with businesses to develop strategies for meeting their business objectives. Our consultants provide a distinctive combination of industry expertise, technical depth and management consulting experience. We specialize in business process analysis, systems integration, enterprise modernization and the implementation of new systems to automate your business services and operations.

+Utility Litigation Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Overview
Patent litigation is one of most expensive form of litigation known in the United States, not only from the standpoint of the cost of litigation, but also in terms of costs resulting from project suspensions; potential injunctions against the use of the accused products and solutions; and, unexpected or unnecessary license fees.

It is crucial that vendors and solution providers ensure their products and solutions are free of potential patent infringement allegations, and that prospective users of those technologies are cognizant of the potential risk of costly patent infringement litigious actions.

eComp’s Risk Assessment service is a collaborative effort between eComp Consultants, which provides the technical expertise, and a law firm partner, which provides legal review and direction. The program consists of two phases, both of which are required to be completed in order to minimize the potential risk of patent infringement lawsuits, and/or to achieve a right to use the products and solutions that may be subjected to future infringement allegations.

The first phase involves an assessment of actual and/or potential risks and consists of the following major tasks:
  1. Identifying the specific solution and derivatives thereof that have the highest potential of infringing known asserted (litigated) patents.
  2. Evaluating known asserted patents to determine the actual level of risk associated with the identified solution and derivatives thereof.
  3. Identifying and evaluating potential asserted patents to determine the potential level of risk associated with the solution and derivatives thereof. (This is an optional task that may or may not be undertaken based upon the results of task b. above.)
  4. Analyzing levels of risk exposure associated with identified solutions and derivatives thereof and making recommendations relative to the merits of proceeding to the next phase.
Based upon results of the initial phase, this phase consists of identifying and evaluating options for mitigating risk exposure, or avoiding it altogether, and determining the most viable and SAFE strategy to pursue so as to minimize the potential impact of risk to the economic, competitive, and business well-being of the organization. The SAFE strategy examines the following options:

Settlement through license fees or other financial arrangements. While there are many factors and issues involved in negotiating a licensing agreement, it is often the most viable alternative to otherwise costly and time consuming litigation.

Avoid litigation by finding effective and reasonably close “work-arounds”. Perhaps the surest way to avoid a potential accusation of infringement, but possibly not the most cost effective.

Fight by pursuing litigation. Sometimes, the commitment to using a particular product/solution is substantial enough to warrant the pursuit of litigation, especially if the prospects of succeeding in such litigation are overwhelmingly favorable.

Exit and find a different vendor or product/solution. Avoiding the use of potentially infringing products or solutions might very well be the safest option but not necessarily the best approach in all cases.

In final analysis, the potential risk of being faced with a lawsuit due to intellectual property issues should be considered at the outset of launching major technology project initiatives. eComp Consultants and its legal partner are well positioned to provide the research and legal counsel necessary to help clients avoid costly lawsuits or other potentially disruptive interruptions to major project undertakings.

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+Smart Grid Initiatives
Smart solutions in the utility sector require complex integration and security management across vendors and enterprises and the private domain. This integration requires knowledge of how a utility interacts with its customers, suppliers, other utilities and government agencies.

eComp Consultants has a broad range of experience in the utility and telecommunication industries. Our consultants serve on strategic government standards committees to ensure our utility customers have the latest information regarding security and integration requirements impacting the Smart Grid.

In addition, our consultants have extensive experience in the legal community where Smart Grid technology is being tested for compliance and conformance to government regulation and intellectual property law.

eComp Consultants distributes a monthly watchdog reports to company executives and legal counsel within the energy sector of the utility industry. The report, entitled "Utility Litigation Alerts", provides timely information on litigation activity occurring throughout the industry involving intellectual property pertaining to smart grid technology. It also serves as early warning against potential risks of such litigation causing negative impacts to smart grid project initiatives.

We can assist in all phases of Smart Grid projects, including:
  • Government Regulation Compliance
  • Business Case Development
  • Smart Grid Solutions Analysis
  • Business Process Design
  • Project Management
  • Integration Services
  • Intellectual Property Support
+Enterprise Modernization
Your ability to respond to the growth and changes in your industry may be limited by your legacy systems. Enterprise modernization helps you to cost effectively and incrementally evolve core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies, reduce maintenance burdens and free up resources to develop new business strategies.

eComp Consultants provides project lifecycle services for the modernization and evolution of legacy systems. Our primary focus is on improving our clients' ability to do business by utilizing tools and processes that are most appropriate for the given business goals. The underlying goal is to manage continuously evolving operating models in order to capitalize on a business environment shaped by environmental and cultural changes, desired growth and perceived risks.

Our enterprise modernization consultants understand that good architecture is defined not by the technology that lies behind it, but by the business processes that it enables. The first step is to understand the existing business processes, the driving force behind the modernization project and long-term strategy of the business. From that baseline, we develop a business case and strategic plan that enables our clients to achieve their goals with the assistance of performance metrics that ties an organization's business and IT processes back to strategic goals.
+Project Management
Solid project management is critical to running successful projects or large scale programs of related projects. Precise execution of these projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth and profitability.

eComp Consultants ensures project success and improves your operations by first determining the desired business results and long-term strategy. This This step sets the stage for efficient business integration and improved organizational performance. Once the business strategy is established, our project management professionals assist you to maintain focus on critical project activities as you build and execute your business strategy.

Our project managers work closely with your firm to define project goals and establish success criteria. They then turn those goals into a concrete action plan, apply and manage appropriate resources and execute to plan. Our goal is keeping projects on track and within budget from project definition through planning, design, construction and rollout. Our project managers ensure successful projects through:
  • Development of fully scoped project and resource plans
  • Exceptional project control and tracking
  • Effective early warnings and risk management
  • Communication and negotiation of requested scope changes
+Business Process Analysis
The fundamental question of business process reengineering is will the task or process to be automated add tangible business value, or should it be eliminated? Solid business process analysis with the input and participation of all levels of the organization makes these tough business decisions easier.

eComp Consultants assists organizations in optimizing their business processes to improve their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering goods and services. We help our customers design a future process, create an action plan and develop metrics that support efficient implementation and future viability of their business technology and workflow. IT projects achieve the highest levels of success when the user base is enthusiastic about the changes that will result. Our business process analysis process builds support and overcomes resistance to change.

Our consultants gather, document and validate existing business processes and design re-engineered future-state processes using BPM standards. During the information gathering sessions and in the resulting documentation, we detail the processes, document the associated high-level requirements, business rules and risks to provide a complete depiction of the activities. The future-state business process models we create provide a way for customers to take ownership of their processes and for technical teams to have a clearer understanding of the organization's business needs. This detailed analysis becomes the input for the product development strategy and design stage of the project.
+Business Case Development
A thorough cost-benefit analysis that includes ROI helps you to select the best projects for your organization. eComp Consultants brings the non-technical and technical aspects of the project together to build a case to support the strategic decision making and budgeting processes relative to your business.

Our consultants determine business needs and document them in a format that is useful to the technologists with IT departments, as well as, the management team making strategic decisions. This consists of all phases of business and technical analysis such as:
  • Needs Assessment
  • Process Modeling
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Specifications Development
  • Prototype Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual and Detail Design
  • Logical Data Design
  • Commercial Software Integration Planning and Design
  • Implementation Planning
  • Process Reengineering
+Product Development Strategy and Design
After the desired business results and long-term strategy for an IT project has been established, our consultants and project managers work together with your teams to develop a strategy and design for the development project.

eComp Consultants has experience in designing, developing and implementing software in various industries. We have the expertise to develop a new product from ground level or integrate commercially available products and solutions into your legacy systems environment. We have the ability to provide complete implementation and cutover services or to provide support through interim and transitional stages of modernization projects. We build products that incorporate all phases of well-designed, manageable software solutions including product definition, planning, design, prototype, development, quality assurance testing, release management, training, deployment, support and performance tuning. When needed, we provide an unbiased review of available third party products to meet your organizational strategies, business objectives and tactical requirements.
+Systems Integration and Convergence Strategy
Systems integration is an essential aspect of any business in today’s quickly evolving technology environment. eComp Consultants provides integration design and convergence strategy services that leverage and extend your existing systems.

Our consultants have many years of design and development experience which enables them to more effectively provide solutions that minimize long term risk and maintenance of highly integrated systems. This can be done through isolation of proprietary interfaces or translation of proprietary interfaces into open ecommerce service standards. By adapting an organizations existing system interfaces, we take advantage of well functioning embedded base solutions while modernizing the enterprise through integration of commercially available solutions. This enables your organization to efficiently meet goals, reduce costs and streamline software development efforts.

Our approach to systems integration is platform and technology neutral. Clients can make changes as their objectives evolve, with minimal investment and low-risk strategies.