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Ivan Zatkovich


Mr. Zatkovich is an eBusiness Director and Patent Consultant specializing in Telecommunications, Internet / eCommerce technology. Ivan brings over 28 years experience in a diverse set of technologies including early Computer Video Graphics, early Network Gaming, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), eCommerce, and Web multi-media publishing (content, images, audio/video streaming). Expert and technology consulting for Verizon, Deustche Telekom, McGraw-Hill web publishing, Warner Brothers Media publishing, and Electronic Arts.

Mr. Zatkovich has designed and developed Network Communications systems, Telecommunication applications, RF transmission interfaces, and transmission over powerline. He has also participated in ISO and ANSI standard committees for communication transmission protocols and data storage standards. Ivan has testified on cases involving Remote control of Video signal controllers, channel switching for Video on Demand, and Media Streaming network technology.

Testifying Experience

Mr. Zatkovich has 11 years experience providing expert testimony for patent litigation and software contract disputes in Telecommunications, eCommerce, Network Media applications Computer technology, providing expert reports, depositions, and trial testimony.  Ivan’s expert analysis was instrumental reaching a $35 million settlement for I2 against Oracle in a Sales Force / Supply chain patent litigation.  He testified in an ecommerce patent suit in South Africa where the judge sided with (and cited) the expert on all 36 points of contention in the case. Mr. Zatkovich is a seasoned expert who’s testifying experience encompasses several areas of litigation including Expert Reports, Deposition, Trial Testimony, and Hearings (including PTO and ITC).

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Electronic Transactions
Case Areas
IP Litigation
Web Copyright

Professional Summary

Director / Project Manager 13 years Managed 6 to 35 mWember teams. Software development, systems Integration, critical path management, PMP/CMM methodologies.
Telecommunications 11 years Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) since 1984. Call Center, IVR, ACD, VoIP, and Unified Messaging (Verizon, Bell Canada, PTT Netherlands, and Mercury Communications).
Video, Multi-Media, Communications & Signal processing 7 years Video firmware, Media Streaming, Web publishing, Video on Demand. Developed early Ethernet signal collision detection, High speed parallel and serial communication drivers, analog to digital signal processing for peripheral and device control. (Digital Equipment Corporation, Tanning Technology, Utility partners)
Internet, ecommerce 8 years Commercial and high volume content websites, web marketing and personalization, search engine optimization, Storefront, fulfillment systems, B2B/B2C portals, ERP/supply chain. (Warner Brothers, Caldwell Banker, AAA Travel, Pro Marine)
Expert Witness 9 years Expert testimony and damage assessment for ecommerce litigation, internet & software copyright, telecommunications. Over 24 cases providing expert reports, depositions, & trial testimony.

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Education, Licensure, and Certifications

B. S. Computer Science, 1980, University of Pittsburgh
Minor in E.E. digital circuit design
Master’s study and thesis in Computer Networks
Results published in Byte Magazine Highest Certified eCommerce Solutions Expert, IBM Websphere
Capabilities Maturity Model, US Department of Defense
Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute

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Professional Experience

2000 to Present - Principal Consultant - eComp Consultants - Tampa, FL

2007 to 2008 - Global Web Manager - Smith & Nephew Inc. - Clearwater, FL

2002 to 2007 - eBusiness Director - Eva-Tone, Inc - Clearwater, FL

1999 to 2002 - eBusiness Engagement Manager - Tanning Technology and IMRGlobal

1996 to 1999 - Director of Network & Customer Support - Utility Partners, Inc. - Tampa, FL

1987 to 1996 - Project Manager: Telecom Software - GTE Data Services (currently Verizon) - Tampa, FL

1980 to 1987 - Software Engineer / Technical Lead - Digital Equipment Corp. - Maynard, MA

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Publications & Presentations

Professional Organizations

Focus Areas

  • Bank/Sweep accounts
  • Call and Contact Center automation
  • Content personalization
  • Credit Card Prepaid card processing
  • eCommerce internet marketing Billing and Payment processing
  • Electronic transactions
  • ERP supply chain
  • High volume content websites
  • Insurance Claims processing
  • Internet publishing
  • IVR Speech recognition
  • Search engine optimization
  • Software copyright

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